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دانلود مقاله Amplify-and-Forward Compressed Sensing as an Energy-Efficient Solution in Wireless Sensor Networks- انتشار 2014

دانلود مقاله Amplify-and-Forward Compressed Sensing as an Energy-Efficient Solution in Wireless Sensor Networks- انتشار 2014


Joan Enric Barceló-Lladó, Antoni Morell, and Gonzalo Seco-Granados

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Abstract—In this paper, we propose a novel distributed compressed
sensing transmission scheme, which is referred to as
amplify-and-forward compressed sensing (AF-CS), in order to
improve the existing tradeoff among reconstruction error, energy
consumption, and resource utilization. The goal is twofold. First,
to take advantage of the time correlation in order to produce
sparse versions of the signal vector, which collects the transmitted
signals of all the sensors. Second, to benefit from the nature
of the multiple access channel in order to perform random
measurements of the signal vector. Additionally, a simple model
that accurately approximates the distortion introduced by the
proposed scheme is presented. This model is then used to select
the number of active nodes and relays based on a cost function
that controls the tradeoff between reconstruction error and
energy consumption. Simulation results show that the AF-CS
outperforms other techniques in terms of distortion and number
of transmissions, providing simultaneously, energy savings and a
significant reduction in the number of channel uses.

Index Terms—Compressed sensing, decentralized


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