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دانلود مقاله Understanding security failures of two-factor authentication schemes for real-time applications in hierarchical wireless sensor networks - انتشار 2014

دانلود مقاله Understanding security failures of two-factor authentication schemes for real-time applications in hierarchical wireless sensor networks - انتشار 2014
  • Contents lists available at ScienceDirect
    Ad Hoc Networks
  • ADHOC 1019 No. of Pages 15, Model 3G
    27 March 2014
  • Ding Wang, ,Ping Wang

a b s t r a c t
Understanding security failures of cryptographic protocols is the key to both patching 
existing protocols and designing future schemes. In this work, we investigate two recent 
proposals in the area of smart-card-based password authentication for security-critical 
real-time data access applications in hierarchical wireless sensor networks (HWSN). Firstly, 
we analyze an efficient and DoS-resistant user authentication scheme introduced by Fan 
et al. in 2011. This protocol is the first attempt to address the problems of user authenti- 
cation in HWSN and only involves lightweight cryptographic primitives, such as one- 
way hash function and XOR operations, and thus it is claimed to be suitable for the 
resource-constrained HWSN environments. However, it actually has several security loop- 
holes being overlooked, and we show it is vulnerable to user anonymity violation attack, 
smart card security breach attack, sensor node capture attack and privileged insider attack, 
as well as its other practical pitfalls. Then, A.K. Das et al.’s protocol is scrutinized, and we 
point out that it cannot achieve the claimed security goals: (1) It is prone to smart card 
security breach attack; (2) it fails to withstand privileged insider attack; and (3) it suffers 
from the defect of server master key disclosure. Our cryptanalysis results discourage any 
practical use of these two schemes and reveal some subtleties and challenges in designing 
this type of schemes. Furthermore, using the above two foremost schemes as case studies, 
we take a first step towards investigating the underlying rationale of the identified security 
failures, putting forward three basic principles which we believe will be valuable to proto- 
col designers for advancing more robust two-factor authentication schemes for HWSN in 
the future.

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